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"As with all great societies and kingdoms, this too will fall." Inia shook her head. "It’s only a matter of time."

"And if the world as we know it didn’t significantly change when we tried to make it, then the next big thing will try." Aquene laughed a little and eyed the vines nearby. "Like this. Think the world will turn into how it was in older stories?"

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Inia chuckled and licked her finger bending down to give him a wet willie.

Nothing happened at first, but then the delayed reaction kicked in. Kaen yelped and jumped away from the touch. Though he would adamantly deny it later he even squealed.

Inia howled with laughter as he squealed.  She moved to take his arm and pulled him up glancing back over at Aquene. ” I better get him back to the house… he’s going to feel this in the morning. I’m sure.”

"Make sure to get him some water," Aquene said. "So he feels it less and feels the bed more."

Kaen leaned almost too heavily on her but swore he was upright. “‘m good dove,” he insisted despite the drunk slur.



If she had a smoke bomb Aquene could easily take them by surprise, but those were with her uniform back at HQ. As she kept watch for the door opening she pushed further into the shadows. Patience, she urged herself. That would keep the both of them alive.

Her scent int he room was horrid. He was panicking! He frowned and started struggling more to get himself free only to get a sharp hit to the back of his head. Dropping into unconsciousness, Utino’s head lulled forward.  The other around him were in the process of pulling on gloves and turned to start looking through the house.

Only when she saw one of the gang members and didn’t see anyone covering him did she spring from the darkness, her hand going right for the throat. 

@sisterequalist: Ties That Bond




He had watched her from high perched up on top of the canopy that kept the passengers from the elements while they waited to board. Their luggage was sitting out as a beacon for her- hopefully she’d see it.

She did. He jumped down silently behind her- covered in his robes and coats keeping himself hidden for the most part. He snuck up behind her and blew in her ear as he leaned over her.

She had still been looking for him when he blew in her ear. Out of pure instinct, thanks to her time with the Equalists, she grabbed onto him and flipped him. It was only after his back connected to the pavement next to the luggage that she realized that the one that jumped behind her was her mate.

There was a brief moment of horror that passed over her face as she offered a sincere apology with a bow. “You startled me,” she said as she offered him a hand.

The air was knocked out of him and pretty colors danced behind his vision for several beats. It came as a sudden reminder as to why he loved his mate in every way possible. He blinked and looked up at her once the world stopped spinning and he chuckled. “Good girl..” He coughed and took her hand, pulling himself up.

The compliment had her flushing a little. “So… I have a few things I need to tell you.. a-about home,” she said, leaning slightly against him as an arm curled around his middle.





Utino whimpered as the skin about the bolt sizzled. “Kouhi…” He whined and held her tighter.

"Sweetie, breathe and let it be." Aquene referred to his past. If he was going to be in such pain it wasn’t worth it. And if she ever found out who had done this to her made she would make him or her vanish without a trace. 

Utino snuggled against his mate and closed his eyes. He held tighter a little more, and buried his face in her stomach. “Kouhi…make stop please…”

"Don’t think about the past but turn to the future," she murmured, her hands running through his hair. "Think about one with me and any kids we’d have. And how happy we’d be." Any life with Utino in it would be a happy one.

This is not the right clothes




Miamori nodded in understanding before going back to measuring. “Oh no, not at the moment. I can look later.”

"Of course. I didn’t mean now." The tea was cooled enough to sip at. 

Miamori finished his measuring and looked back at her. “When will it be open to start reupholstering?”

""Well, I’m closed the rest of the day, but any normal day I’m open until five, sometimes six. So any time after that?" She hadn’t meant for it to sound like a question.

Captured (Aquene)




THe small captain broke wide in a grin and slapped the other woman on the back. “Ya basically do what I tell ya too. Swab the deck, clean mi boots, fetch me gun. Things of that nature.” She bounced on her toes. “Also makes certain I keep mah eye on ya.”

Terrific, Aquene thought through a forced grin. Still, it was better than any of the other options. “Then… what is your first order of business, ma- Captain.” At least she caught herself this time. No need to insult the person that would be in charge of making her life miserable.

Inia grinned and motioned. “We need ta be sortin out the latest loot!”  With a motion, the short spunky captain fully released her, and bounced towards the door. “Also, you know how to handle a blade or blunderbuss?”

"If it’s short I can do a blade." Her brows furrowed at the other word. "What… what is a bluderbuss, anyway?” Aquene had spend most of her time on land and had no clue with some of the terminology that seafarers used.

@sister-equalist ~|:|~ Lost in the Woods




Inia shook her head and took a deep breath trying to breath past the rushing in her ears. “That bothers me more than anything else..” Something THAT big couldn’t disappear.

"It’s probably just watching." Aquene felt herself pale. "We can’t stay still or it may get brazen enough to attack. Let’s move and…" and what? Hope they don’t get lost? Hope they don’t get eaten?

Well, they were already lost and the overcast sky didn’t help them when it came to trying to find their way with east and west. Maybe they could get themselves un-lost and hopefully not eaten.

"Let’s just go and see if we can find some place safe. Maybe happen across a village."

Being watched was something she didn’t like… especially when whatever it was was big and loud enough to give her heart palpitations. A nod was given and she looked around. The sky was bad enough…  “Should we keep to the creek?”

"It has to lead to civilization soon," Aquene suggested hopefully. Now she only prayed that the optimism was a good thing and not a farfetched idea for the situation they were in. "And we may find good, heavy sticks to use to help us." As weapons, but she didn’t want to say that out loud. 



"Let me take care of a few things, then we can go," Aquene said, pushing herself up onto her feet.

Mei nods and goes to her room to get her shoes on. She was very happy to be able to go outside, especially with someone else since she had been afraid to do so after the attack.

Aquene was still very surprised that Mei was content to go with her, even after everything. Though, now that she was alone second thoughts crept up on her. Was this really the right thing to do?



"That’s a relief," Aquene sighed. "Between my home city and Republic City I’ve had enough of the bad sort of activity." Aquene rubbed at the burn scar hidden away under her sleeve — this one thanks to a Triple Threat. Her body was riddled in them, but one would never know thanks to the clothing she wore.

"What sort of things are there to do here, Miss Opal?" It was nice to have the idle chatter.

"Well, there’s umm… going for walks, reading, tons of games, restaurants if you want something to eat." 

"Even for those of us that are nonbenders?" she asked. There hasn’t been too much in Republic City for nonbenders save for a game of paisho.


Her ribs ached. That was about the only thing Aquene was aware of as she wandered through the streets of Republic City. The stakeout she had done last night ended up having more action than she had expected, and one of those Terra punks had bent a slab of rock at her that she was lucky just glanced off of her. Otherwise she would have sported something worse than just a few bruised ribs.

As she turned a corner she ran into someone and hissed in pain as she regained her balance. “Watch it!” she wheezed, a hand holding her chest in a vain effort to stop her ribs from throbbing.