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So… it was bloodbenderamon's birthday recently… >.> So I decided to give her her OC Isamu as a pinup.

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"It’s not the strangest welcome that I’ve been awarded, I assure you," Loki glanced toward the door and tipped his thumb over his shoulder. "Who was the old woman? Do you trust her completely?"

"I don’t think I want to know of what would be a strange welcome to you, Highness." Though she wasn’t in his realm anymore Aquene was going to do her best to remember his title… though she was out of sorts earlier. At least he seemed to overlook that.

"That woman is Hina. She’s a healer and…" And did she? Well, she had directed Loki here of all places instead of to any Equalist doctor. She suspected that Hina had known for a while about what she was. After all, she had come to the healer many times for wounds that had happened in the field. "Yes. I trust her with my life."

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"It’s perfect." I said smiling at her. When she led me there I opened one suitcase and stuffed it inside the other to make more room. I then put the suit case on the inside of the closet and out of the way of anything Aquene might need from it.

"Well, that’s that. I’m moved in love." I leaned in and kissed her forehead, giving her a gentle hug. "I look forward to our future."

She looped an arm around John, a grin on her face. “As do I, love. As do I.” And their time together so far had been great! It wasn’t perfect (especially considering how he had found out about her involvement with the Equalists — though that was behind them now), but it was enough to make her happy. And every day just moved on to being that much better, that much closer to a happily ever after for her, and that was something Aquene had thought would never be possible.

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He smiles at her. “I would be more than happy to stay with you, Aquene…” He walks over to her and hugs her. “I just don’t want to be a burden to you…I understand about the people you are organized with…and I don’t want to put you in danger of anything”, he told her.

That was a bit amusing considering all the events of last night, but then again Aquene had been the one to involve herself. Even if Ender would have protested she wouldn’t have listened. “I think.. I would be the one to put you in danger,” she said quietly. “But since you aren’t a bender — someone that can manipulate either fire, water, earth, or air, you should be in no danger from my brethren.”

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Heero shrugs his shoulders. “I suppose we’ll have to see what our schedules are like then” He responds, though he honestly wasn’t expecting to have time off anytime soon with the amount of missions he’d been called out on. “I am rather content on Earth after all, if it wasn’t for growing up on L1 I’d probably stay here as well.”

Aquene made a mental note to look into what L1 was like. Maybe she could find something more to relate to Heero with. Her pale eyes glanced from him to the cityscape below. “I keep a schedule posted for each week in the hanger for myself,” she finally said. “I can give you my mobile so you can have that if you want me to text or email it to you, whichever would work better.”




There was a tiny urge to roll her eyes, but Grey’s flattery seemed sincere. And had he known what she really was then Aquene doubted that he would even asked her out on a date had he known what she did for the Equalists. Not many seemed keen on dating a monster, after all.

Yet it was too soon for her to truly come up with any sort of conclusions on what Grey would or wouldn’t think if he knew — after all, he probably didn’t know much on the revolution. “As soon as we drop these off at my home we can find a place,” she said. “Any sort of place you would like to go? I know the city very well, attractions included.”

He took some of the bags off her hands, smiling down at her. It reminded him of his crew  and his team helping each of them take boxes and other things back to the shop and home, all ready and awaiting he waited for her to lead him to her home, he was grateful she didn’t look at him strangely afraid that they would put him in a zoo eventually.

"As long as I can grab a nice plate of spaghetti I don’t care where we go, plus I couldn’t tell you anyway this IS my first time here member?" He chuckled then thought was there even the same food here? what if they was a different planet or dimension, what about his favorite foods? "Where ever a good place for first dates are, luckily I got a bunch of cash selling things just now so it’s no big."

"Spa…ghe-ti?" She said the name of the dish strangely. What was that supposed to be. Puzzlement caused her brows to furrow as she raked her mind through the dishes that she had tasted between Ba Sing Se and Republic City. Nothing at all came to mind that sounded like that. Aquene knew that if she were to ask anyone that cooked, even Mizuko, that they would be confused as well.

"Apologies, but I’ve never heard of this dish, nor know of any place that would serve it right off the top of my head. What is this… this… spaghetti like?" Maybe she could find something that could stand in for it?



Aquene hadn’t eaten as her stomach was too upset for her to want to eat. STill, seeing the firebender at the door caused her lips to curve into a gentle smile. It didn’t completely hide the trouble she felt, but she could pretend it did. “Mei,” she greeted. “How did you sleep?”

"Wonderfully." She holds up the container with the stew. "I brought some leftover stew that Hina made." Mei smiles at her. "She said it’s your I thought I should bring you some." The firebender was blushing a bit.

There was a real smile on her face that managed to push through the exhaustion. “Thank you. That was.. that was very thoughtful.” She gestured for Mei to come in. “Let me heat this up. Did you want any?” Maybe she could eat. Hina’s cooking always managed to do that for her.

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The Lieutenant is from Legend of Korra and clearly does not belong to me.


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Besides kason-the-equalist, who thinks I should do a pinup of the Lieutenant?

Aquene Info
In Ba Sing Se
Aquene comes from the Southern Water Tribe but she was raised in Ba Sing Se. After learning all she could from her mother with massage and a few techniques regarding acupuncture from her father Aquene left to start a new life. Ba Sing Se had grown stale for her, so she left for Republic City to start over. Originally her lover at the time, Mai Rin, was to go with her but she cancelled and broke up with Aquene. Heartbroken the therapist left after selling the last of the paintings she had complete over the last few years so she'd have the yuans to travel and start up her own clinic.

A New Home

Once in Republic City Aquene was able to secure a business license and a location that looked prone to a lot of foot traffic. Unfortunately the building was in the middle of Agni Kai territory. A triad came in and received massage from her only to threaten Aquene when she tried to get him to pay. This led to a scuffle between the two, and she chi blocked him after receiving a burn on her leg. Because of how the Police Force and council handled this she became distrustful of both and resented all the triads even after moving to a neutral territory. A flyer advertising an Equalist rally was found on her desk weeks later and she began to attend. Though there are many things she does that she regrets Aquene doesn't turn away and keeps moving forward. For more on her life after she joined please look at the profile for her under the sidebar image
Mun Stuffs
About the Mun
I go by Jess, but I'll answer to Aquene, 'quenie, and Rotzi. I'm over 18 and if you want to roleplay smut I do ask that you are 18 or older for my own peace of mind. I go by EST (GMT-5) but I tend to have a really mucked up sleep schedule. I work as a massage therapist in real life so I do know most of the chi points.
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