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OKay people- you need to watch Generator Rex. We need to get this show back on air and get it continued.

It has a POC main character. At least six strong female characters that are reoccurring and very different and versatile. It has a complex government based plot and a lot of different sub plots. It is a wide variety of eccentric villains. It has monsters, anthros, even a fish person. It deals with hints at mental disorders without romanticizing it and even Stockholm syndrome.

There’s also a monkey with pistols….and family issues! And assassins.

It’s also pretty standard in the fandom that the first promo that they were pushing so hard was widely hated by everyone. There was a HUGE number of people that thought it was going to be stupid- but 10 minutes in and most of us were hooked.

Howdy howdy, I'm Katt. I like all the ships (except for Howrra I just can't get it) and I usually like either vanilla bean or banana ice cream. I unfortunately have no pets but I have a Little Monster, and she's just as big of a responsibility as a pet so that counts right? :3


Mmm.. I have not had banana ice cream in some time. Chunky Monkey is amazing.

And yes, li’l monstah does count, methinks. :P But in that aspect, wouldn’t your Dork count, too? [pssst, I tease cause I luff you]


Because I feel I don't talk to you enough. I am Jessi. I have too many ships to pick a favorite. My favorite ice cream flavor is black sesame. I have two cats, and they are both purr boxes.


Multishipper friends are awesome js. Black sesame ice cream? I’ve never heard of that is it good and where can I usually find it? :O   

And kitties. I love kitties <3

I’ve found it at some Asian markets, and I was introduced to it at the sushi place I frequent. I wish I could describe the taste, but sadly all I can say is sweet, delicious happiness that is semi-frozen with a nutty flavor.

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I just save the world like three times- can’t a bitch get a year to rest?!- Korra

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"It was someone saying that another person sounded like that,” she huffed. “It was.. hm..” Aquene tried to recall as she had listened to three that night. “It was the drama with the Terra Triad guy talking about how the person he scared sounded like that. Then the love interest went on calling him out and everything.” 

She tried to remember more, but the bit about sounding like a weasel-trout yelling had stuck with her more. Out of all the shows it wasn’t the best, but it came on between the two she really liked.

                Kertos was not one to tune in to radio shows, but if it had humor in it, why not give it a try? Though this soldier was more likely to switch stations after only a few nights of listening. One, a sister noisier than the radio. Two, preparing dinner takes time, and he’d rather listen to songs.

                “Terra Triad guy. Love interest calling out. Okay.” He mentally pinned those notes into his head as bullet points, also another to search for it later tonight. “Does it play every weeknight?”

"Nope, just on Thursday nights," she answered. "Thurdays at 19:30. The one before that is Mortal Journey, and after would be Mystery House." The later was her absolute favorite as it dealt with nonbenders finding a house that held a portal to the spirit realm. Aquene thought that maybe some equalist wrote it, given the emphasis on the nonbending aspect, but that could have just been her reading into something that was not there.







Once he was done holding her, he pulled away to check on her. “Are you alright? Do you need help with anything? Anything at all?”, he offered her.

There was a shake of her head. “No, I don’t need any help right now.” Let’s get some rest though. I’m still tired from the ride off planet.” She didn’t think she would ever recover from that. 

He nods. “Okay” He kisses her head as he petted her hair lightly. He hoped that trip off-world wouldn’t make any repercussions in their relationship.

Aquene closed her eyes and enjoyed the contact. “Lay with me?” she asked quietly. “Just… just laying down?” All her energy felt sapped after she had worked on her clients today, and she felt as if curling up with Ender would help replenish that.

He looks down at her and smiles as he caressed her smooth hair. “Of course” He gently picks her up, cradling her, and lays her down on the bed as he laid down next to her, covering the both of them with the blankets.

She pushed the blankets to her waist — since she was still fully clothed having them on would make her too warm. Once that was done she curled up close with an arm draped over him. Her head was nestled against his chest and the bed contently. This was the life.

Massage day




"That would be wonderful." She winced slightly feeling her shoulders ache. "You have no Idea how much I need this."

"Just relax and let me take care of the body," Aquene murmured. People barely took enough care of themselves nowadays, so she had grown accustomed to getting the body back into the shape it needed to be.

Dotty smiled. “Thank you darling.” She was happy just to have a day to relax. “So, tell me about this guy you are with now.”

"Well, he’s a sweetheart. He helped me redecorate my shop — that’s how we met." Though he had insulted her interior decorator skills, akinning them to that of an 80 year old woman with her tastes. "He’s there when I need him the most, too." She made a happy noise."

This is not the right clothes



"Just raised by traditionalists," she explained with a laugh. "They drilled etiquette into me so it became as secondary as breathing." 

Once up in her apartment she set to get the tea things together. “So, do you like jasmine? Or would you prefer a different flavor, Miamori?”

Miamori smiled and gave a nod. “Whichever you prefer is fine with me.” He moved looking around the apartment. Ah, this was much better decorated. Of course this was living space- completely different aura and feeling.

Jasmine then, she thought. She moved to hop onto the counter to get the tea things easier. One of these days she would move them down (or not, rather, as she had had them in this spot ever since she moved in, and even when she lived with her parents the tea service was kept on a higher shelf).

Several minutes later the tea was brewed and she was bringing it and a small plate of almond cookies over.

Captured (Aquene)



It had been the first time that the other nonbender had laid eyes on them. Interesting, she mused. “There are other ways of leveling the field,” she murmured. Though chi blocking was only close range. This would give her some distance in case of… complications.

“Oh aye. That be true.” she smirked and motioned the other to follow her. “But in this world, there be several means of gettin to the top. And most of it be intimidation. The rest be ruthlessness and just alittle bit of manipulation.” The short captain looked back at the woman as they breached the deck. There was nothing but glittering slight rolls of water as far as they eye coudl see in any direction.

Aquene looked around, hoping to see some bit of land. Alas, there was nothing but the ocean. Pale eyes closed for several moments as she stomped down that fear of the unknown. She left Ba Sing Se to find Mei Rin and that was terrifying of its own accord. This would be nothing.


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@sisterequalist: Ties That Bond



"It’s… it’s kind of dangerous." She wasn’t sure how to explain the Dai Li to Utino. "I want to see mum and dad again, but I don’t think it’s wise to linger in Ba Sing Se long."

Utino nodded and sniffed at her carefully. “Utino protect Kouhi. Nothing more dangerous than mad Utino.” he teased lightly trying to get her to smile again.

That did crack a smile. “I already have us some passports made up — trust me, we’ll need them.” They were fake, but very good fakes. All part of being an equalist, too.

Maybe on the train she would explain the Dai Li. And what happened to those that caused mischief.







Utino snuggled against his mate and closed his eyes. He held tighter a little more, and buried his face in her stomach. “Kouhi…make stop please…”

"Don’t think about the past but turn to the future," she murmured, her hands running through his hair. "Think about one with me and any kids we’d have. And how happy we’d be." Any life with Utino in it would be a happy one.

Utino looked up at her. “What if tino …hurts little ones?” He asked hiccuping suddenly in fear.

"You haven’t hurt me and you won’t hurt them," she assured him. Her nails gently started to work his scalp in an effort to calm him. Remembering something she dipped her head down to kiss the hollow of his throat. That chakra was blocked by fear, so she hoped that love and acceptance would help to ease him.

Andi t did relax the feral man slightly. He took a deep yet jagged breathe and closed his mismatched eyes again. “Love Kouhi..”

"I love you, too, my precious Utino." She held him tight. "I’ll never be in want so long as I have you."


It had been an easy pick up. Far easier than it should have been. But Miamori had been taken off guard as he had stopped at one of the flower carts to pick out some lilies for Aquene. He hadn’t been the intended target. There had been so many smash and grab kidnappings as of late that one should have been on guard. Had he been on the wrong side of town where the kidnappings where focused, he would have been.

They were picking up girls and women off the street- and due to his features he was easily mistaken. Unfortunately for the poor cart keep, she was taken as well. When they realized that he wasn’t a female, he was immediately separated from the group. By the time he came around his eyes were a muddy brown as he tried to free himself of whatever it was that was binding him. Every time he’d get awake enough though to try to get a grip on where he was they’d drug him again.

Aquene had gone around questioning those that could have seen, but no one spoke up. She felt herself growing more and more upset, and she ended up giving in to the darkness inside. There was a man on the street that she knew was hiding something — he ran a food vendor nearby, and she was going to make him talk.

It was easy, too. When the streets were empty she went up to him, an innocent, sweet smile on her face with the presumption of getting food after a failed search. She could tell by the look on his face that he was not expecting her to take the skewer and hold it against the seam of his pants. The smiles were gone and her voice had dropped a few octaves.

Five minutes later she had the description of the van, the men that did the grabbing, and the direction they took off in. She left the vender a few extra yuans for the trouble — he would have to change his pants after a small accident he had.

A few moments later she was back on the road, driving in the direction given. The man had also told her that whoever did it was after girls, too. She hoped they were prepared when one determined woman was after then, calling for blood.

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Mizuko gives Aquene a big hug then place kisses on her cheek multiple times. "I have missed you so much!"

"Hey hey," Aquene laughed. "I was just gone for a few weeks to recollect myself. Even massage therapists need a vacation."