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Utino snuggled against his mate and closed his eyes. He held tighter a little more, and buried his face in her stomach. “Kouhi…make stop please…”

"Don’t think about the past but turn to the future," she murmured, her hands running through his hair. "Think about one with me and any kids we’d have. And how happy we’d be." Any life with Utino in it would be a happy one.

Utino looked up at her. “What if tino …hurts little ones?” He asked hiccuping suddenly in fear.

"You haven’t hurt me and you won’t hurt them," she assured him. Her nails gently started to work his scalp in an effort to calm him. Remembering something she dipped her head down to kiss the hollow of his throat. That chakra was blocked by fear, so she hoped that love and acceptance would help to ease him.

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The air was knocked out of him and pretty colors danced behind his vision for several beats. It came as a sudden reminder as to why he loved his mate in every way possible. He blinked and looked up at her once the world stopped spinning and he chuckled. “Good girl..” He coughed and took her hand, pulling himself up.

The compliment had her flushing a little. “So… I have a few things I need to tell you.. a-about home,” she said, leaning slightly against him as an arm curled around his middle.

Utino purred happily and looked down at her. “What is?” He asked carefully with a smile not sure what that sent was he was smelling.

"It’s… it’s kind of dangerous." She wasn’t sure how to explain the Dai Li to Utino. "I want to see mum and dad again, but I don’t think it’s wise to linger in Ba Sing Se long."

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"And you’re one to talk. Shut it, Aden." Aquene hated hearing others call her that as is echoed in her mind after some missions.

The woman had a deep frown that marred her normally gentle features. “Mind your tongue. You don’t know me well enough to pass judgement.”


Aquene likes Aden well enough, though he worries her quite often.

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This is not the right clothes




That caused him to pause and the look that crossed his face first was surprise then complete horror and embarrassment. He bowed at the waist and nodded. “I am so sorry. I remember now” Her name…

"Acane?" That wasn’t right. He frowned. "I apologize I am horrible with names." Not to mention he wasn’t all there but he didn’t need to tell her that.

She was used tot he mispronunciation of her name for those that came in having just read about her clinic. “Close. Some people say it like that but it is ‘Ah-kwe-nah.’” When he didn’t start moving along she motioned again. “Come with me. We can talk upstairs. And maybe my name will stick, Miamori.” That last part was said in jest.

"I have some tea upstairs. I think it will set business right. After all, it’s not proper to make any deals or anything of the sort without first having some tea."

MIamori smiled as he finally started to follow her. “I doubt it. I’m going to apologize in advance I have a horrible memory when it comes to names.”

He gave another nod and laughed. “You have a very classic way of thinking.”

"Just raised by traditionalists," she explained with a laugh. "They drilled etiquette into me so it became as secondary as breathing." 

Once up in her apartment she set to get the tea things together. “So, do you like jasmine? Or would you prefer a different flavor, Miamori?”

Captured (Aquene)




Inia grinned and motioned. “We need ta be sortin out the latest loot!”  With a motion, the short spunky captain fully released her, and bounced towards the door. “Also, you know how to handle a blade or blunderbuss?”

"If it’s short I can do a blade." Her brows furrowed at the other word. "What… what is a bluderbuss, anyway?” Aquene had spend most of her time on land and had no clue with some of the terminology that seafarers used.

Inia grinned and shifted lifted the back of her shirt showing two very nice and long barreled pistols. Of course it was probably the first time the other’d ever seen them. “Even’s things out a bit for us non benders. I’ll teach ya how to use one.”

It had been the first time that the other nonbender had laid eyes on them. Interesting, she mused. “There are other ways of leveling the field,” she murmured. Though chi blocking was only close range. This would give her some distance in case of… complications.

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Aquene still took a bit longer than what was truly needed before she came out. A satchel was over her shoulder, and hidden away in it was one of the gloves that Sato had created. She never left home without it. “Shall we?”

Mei nods and stands up happily. “Yes!” She rushes out of the place happily. “See you later Hana!”

Hina laughed a little. It wasn’t the first time someone got her name wrong and it wouldn’t be the last.

Aquene was amused, too. It was nice to be able to smile truly again. “Healing up well enough?” she asked.


Jack sat bar table across from the RCPD detective. He put the sketchpad on the table and slide it to him. The detective flips through the sketchpad. “I want you to us your position as a detective to find the owner of this sketchpad. You will get you normal payment plus a bonus if you can do it fast.”

He looks at Jack with his eyebrow raised and asked. “Anything you can tell me?” Jack stand up to leave the turns around and says. “Wars coming.”  He turn around and leaves to go make sure everything is ready.

Oblivious to what was going on Aquene continued on with business as normal. True, she didn’t think that many would be able to track her down from a single wayward sketchpad — there were many with her name in the city. Yet a very small number of them were artists that regularly did commissions.

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:P Never said it had to be romantically. Aquene likes Mizuko as a friend and nothing more. There are times she’ll tease Miz but she doesn’t mean anything by it.



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Sael does like Xia and Miamori. He is uncertain if he loves them or not — his view of the world “love” has been twisted harshly. He does like Utino. The strange man puts him at ease, oddly enough.



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Kaen loves Inia, plain and simple. He is uncertain what to think about Utino and Miamori. Xia is odd to him… and he wants to steer clear of Sing Sing. He has never hurt a woman before, but he wouldn’t mind starting with her.