Artist, Massage Therapist, and Equalist

The water was rushing up to meet her and Aquene closed her eyes. She knew that it wouldn’t save her from the impact. When she broke through the water’s surface she screamed — it felt as if she were being shattered.

The pain lasted only a moment before there was blissful darkness.


Something happened though. Something the Equalist didn’t expect. She woke up on the grass near running water. Her body ached, but it was no where near as bad as what one would have expected when it came from falling more than a hundred feet into the raging waves of the ocean. The woman pushed herself up until she was resting in a kneeling position.

Assessing herself she could see that her uniform arm was shredded on the right hand, the gloved part missing on the left. The pants had several tears in them, and a boot was gone. Her right arm had a rather nasty looking bruise on it and a laceration was just below it. Her faced was tender to the touch — probably bruised along the cheek and the coppery taste on her lips hinted at one of them being split. Looking at her legs showed no damage, but when she shifted to get her she felt what must have been a bruised or cracked rib. She faltered slightly before forcing herself up.

She needed to find out where she was and find a healer. Spirits, she hoped that they’d take an IOU.

Posted on 18th November 2012

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Aquene Info
In Ba Sing Se
Aquene comes from the Southern Water Tribe but she was raised in Ba Sing Se. After learning all she could from her mother with massage and a few techniques regarding acupuncture from her father Aquene left to start a new life. Ba Sing Se had grown stale for her, so she left for Republic City to start over. Originally her lover at the time, Mai Rin, was to go with her but she cancelled and broke up with Aquene. Heartbroken the therapist left after selling the last of the paintings she had complete over the last few years so she'd have the yuans to travel and start up her own clinic.

A New Home

Once in Republic City Aquene was able to secure a business license and a location that looked prone to a lot of foot traffic. Unfortunately the building was in the middle of Agni Kai territory. A triad came in and received massage from her only to threaten Aquene when she tried to get him to pay. This led to a scuffle between the two, and she chi blocked him after receiving a burn on her leg. Because of how the Police Force and council handled this she became distrustful of both and resented all the triads even after moving to a neutral territory. A flyer advertising an Equalist rally was found on her desk weeks later and she began to attend. Though there are many things she does that she regrets Aquene doesn't turn away and keeps moving forward. For more on her life after she joined please look at the profile for her under the sidebar image
Mun Stuffs
About the Mun
I go by Jess, but I'll answer to Aquene, 'quenie, and Rotzi. I'm over 18 and if you want to roleplay smut I do ask that you are 18 or older for my own peace of mind. I go by EST (GMT-5) but I tend to have a really mucked up sleep schedule. I work as a massage therapist in real life so I do know most of the chi points.
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